La Farge

One of the smaller scenic river towns, which I know quite well, is the  Village of La Farge. This quaint little town has a population of approximately 775 people and was incorporated in 1899. Originally named Seeleyburg, the village had its business area located along Plum Run Road. That road name was changed a few years ago to Seeleyburg Road, in memory of the past town’s location. Since the location along the banks of the Kickapoo River was prone to numerous floods, it necessitated a move up to higher ground. So with the move the town name was also changed to La Farge. No one that I have ever asked can recall for sure, why or how the new name came to be. In any event, this little town is a very friendly place and was even the location of my very first realty office. Formerly, Mary Norris Realty, which I opened in the fall of 1993.
If you have the opportunity to visit La Farge, you’ll find many places and things to explore. For one, town is located on the southern tip of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve. This is a well-known recreational state park. It has approximately 8600 acres of wooded wilderness land. Loved by canoeist, hunters and horse back riders, the park has more than 27 miles of trails to ride and the Kickapoo River meanders it way right through the center of the park land. It is worth reading the LaFarge Dam Project page on the Reserve’s site. At the time I was first opening up my realty office, Organic Valley was also starting up in LaFarge. Back then, this now nationally known company was just a small group of hippie farmers. Known as CROPP, they had a dream, they purchased their first building, the old LaFarge Cheese Factory for only $20,000, and grew and grew bringing into our area a new wave of youthful organic devoted employees and organic farm family members.
Housing in this town, is very affordable and can be found in a price range, as low as, $52000 to the higher end of $152000.  The Village has a K to 12 school, a full medical center, 2 bars and 2 cafes, a grocery store and a bank! LaFarge is also well known for their 4th of July celebration, and Main Street Parade.


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